Tool manuals

Rivet, Rivet Nut Tool and Pemserter Press Manuals

Manuals for all current POP Avdel and Masterfix tools and Pemserter presses are listed, plus some obsolete tools and many special items are available in .pdf format.

Pemserter press and tooling manuals can be found at the bottom of the page.

You will need Acrobat Reader to access these and please bear in mind that some manuals have many pages so they may take some time to download on a slow connection.

For tools not listed below, please ask our sales department - we have many manuals in paper form which can be faxed to you.

We have spare parts for POP and Avdel tools listed and available to purchase from our online store. Once you have identified the part you want in one of the manuals below go to our shop and enter the part number into the search tool at the top of the page. Please ensure that any zero's and dashes are correctly entered.

Our online store can be found here

POP Avdel Structural Tool Instruction Manuals

POP Avdel Breakstem Tool Instruction Manuals

Genesis Nose Equipment

POP Avdel Rivet Nut Tool Instruction Manuals

Avdel Speed Fastening Tool Instruction Manuals

Avdel Speed Fastening Nose Equipment & Mandrels

Qonnect Tool Manuals / Spares Lists

Masterfix Tool Manuals

POP Proset Tool Manuals

Gesipa Tool Parts Manuals

PEMSERTER installation guides with equipment Information


Series PS4 operating manual

For more information on PEM installation presses click here for the product pageIf you wish, you can purchase tooling from our online store. To go to our store please click here

MicroPEM Fasteners

PEM does not manufacture tooling to install production volumes of microPEM parts. If you require an installation tool PEM recommends these two manufacturers, both of whom are able to produce this equipment to order.

For sampling or validation purposes no complicated tooling is required. Simply prepare holes in the components to the recommended sizes and use a flat punch to apply pressure until the fastener is completely installed.

PLEASE NOTE: it is essential that a pressing force is used and not an impact. Attempting to knock the part into place will not provide a true representation of the correctly installed fastener performance.

If you wish to install microPEM fasteners manually and you have a Pemserter press, tooling is listed in the "Manual Tool Guide' above or on the appropriate fastener bulletin

More information and correct hole details are provided on the related technical bulletin for each product.

For more information on microPEM fasteners click here

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