Reelfast Surface Mount Fasteners from PEM

ReelfastSince circuit boards were first invented the question of how to attach them to the rest of the assembly has been a problem which has been largely ignored. Loose hardware such as nuts and bolts are still used in large quantities, but with thread sizes typically M3 or less this is slow and fiddly work. Broaching fasteners are commonly used which solves the problem to some extent, but it's still another operation which needs to be done either before or after the electronic components have been attached. Importantly it increases the possibility of an expensive printed circuit board being damaged during processing.

ReelFast® from PEM® consists of a range of threaded nuts, standoffs, panel fasteners and right angle fasteners all of which are supplied on standard sized tape and reel suitable for use with the same equipment you use to populate the rest of the printed circuit board. Standard thread sizes for nuts and standoffs is M2 to M4, by using microPEM® parts thread sizes can be as small as M1. Panel fasteners can be supplied with M3 or M3.5 threads and the R'Angle® right angle mounting bracket comes with M2 to M4 threads. Using surface mount parts means that no mounting hardware is actually handled during the manufacturing process which increases product throughput and improves quality.

ReelFastNo special hole preparation is required and the fasteners are securely and permanently attached to the circuit board during the flow solder process. All ReelFast® fasteners are tin plated, RoHS compliant and compatible with current flow solder chemistry and standard pick and place machinery.

If you would like to reduce or even eliminate secondary operations and reduce bottle necks in your assembly process you must take a look at Reelfast® fasteners for your next - or even current - design. At Zygology we are experts on the products we sell. If you would like advice on incorporating ReelFast® into your production we would be delighted to hear from you.

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