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Prototype researchGetting help with the assembly of samples can be a problem for many companies. With modern factory design the small workshop has often vanished or the particular piece of equipment required is simply not available. At Zygology we have a well-equipped workshop and demonstration room which is available for the assembly of prototype assemblies. This can be conducted by the customer with the assistance our one of our product experts, or we can do this entirely for you.

We can assist the the installation of most types and size of blind rivet, structural blind rivets, lock-bolts,  rivet nuts and rivet nut studs. In addition we can demonstrate in your own product the advantages of the POP Avdel Speed Riveting system which can reduce assembly time by 30% or more compared to conventional rivets.

We also have a PEMSERTER press which is available for the installation of the full range of PEM fasteners including self-clinch nuts, studs, stand-offs, panel fasteners, cable ties, snap tops, plungers, inserts for printed circuit boards or plastics, rivets plus many more variations which are available.

Our current press is equipped with the optional QX turret which reduces the need for tooling changes and improves assembly efficiency, so we can show the best and fastest way to install a variety of fasteners whilst assembling your samples. As labour is generally the highest cost in most assembly work this can be a highly valuable consideration to add into your product cost calculations.

Contract Assembly
Occasionally a job will come along which is either low volume or short term. In either case it's not always practical or cost effective to invest in new equipment in order to do just one job. We offer a contract assembly service for just this situation. We are happy to accept assembly work where we can use our in-house facilities to install fasteners into panels or complete assemblies which use one of the technologies we support. If you would like a quotation for the assembly of your short run product we will be delighted to discuss your requirement with you and provide a quotation.

If you would like more information on Prototype Assembly or Contract Manufacture give us a call on 0808 123 1221 or take a look at our Services page here 

About Zygology Ltd
With nearly 40 years of experience Zygology is the country's largest distributor for POP Avdel and Southco; and lead distributor for PEM in the UK. We are in addition the UK distribution hub for Masterfix fasteners and tooling. We have in-house repair facilities for POP Avdel and Masterfix tools. Zygology Ltd has an in depth knowledge of the products we sell and how they can be best incorporated into yours. We will always give the best advice we can - even if this sometimes means that we end up recommending a competing technology. We combine friendly service with competitive prices and excellent stock availability.


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