Continuous Feed Riveting?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked when talking to customers is whether it's possible to continuously feed rivets. Although riveting is still one of the fastest ways to assemble two components there is still a need to either increase throughput or improve quality. Well the simple answer is that continuous feed for rivets is available, but it's far from straightforward and there may be better alternative solutions available.

FastenersContinuous feed systems for break stem rivets have been with us for many years, so why are they not more widely used? There are some fairly simple reasons for this. First and foremost for a basic bowl feed system you will not get much change out of £35,000. Secondly the hand unit is quite large and heavy, plus it's attached by an umbilical to the bowl feed/processor unit which severely limits mobility. Last of all the cycle time is actually relatively slow meaning that using such a system could in reality result in slower throughput unless installed as part of a complete automated assembly line.

So what is the answer to increasing productivity without the need for deep pockets? Speed Riveting from POP Avdel is another technology which has been around for years, but it's widely used and even more relevant now than it ever was. Whilst not offering a full continuous feed system - it does allow up to 70 fasteners to be preloaded into the tool and then installed without the operator having to touch a rivet. The tools themselves come in a range of options including hand held, bench mounted with the placing head facing up or down as required, or mounted on a pantograph unit which allows full movement of the placing head over a 180 degree radius. Whatever the variant the tools can operate at up to one rivet a second - which in reality is faster than the operator could ever keep up with. All tools require nothing more than a standard compressed air supply. For more information on Speed rivet tooling please click here.

NeospeedThe fasteners themselves are especially designed for use with the Speed Riveting tools. Available in an assortment of materials including aluminium, steel, stainless steel and brass, and diameters from 2.4 to 5.0 millimetres. There are also a large number of rivet styles available to suit all sorts of assembly. Anything from simple sheet metal to printed circuit board assembly can be accommodated. The fasteners come supplied on paper cartridges, which then loaded onto a reusable mandrel and then into the tool. The whole reloading process takes as little as 10 - 15 seconds. If even this is too long for some the rivets can also be supplied on preloaded disposable mandrels which reduces the reload time even further. For more information on Speed rivet

The latest addition to the Speed Rivet family is Neospeed. Neospeed rivets are available in Aluminium, Steel and A4 stainless steel. Offering a mulitgrip capability for the first time with speed Riveting Neospeed also features superior clamp up, shear and tensile strength to similarly sized break stem rivets. For more information on Neospeed Fasteners please click here.

RivscrewFor those who like the idea of riveting - but still want to be able to disassemble at a later stage there is the totally unique Rivscrew. Suitable only for use in softer materials such as rigid plastics or aluminium Rivscrew installs and acts exactly like a rivet, but if necessary it can actually be unscrewed from the panel. For more information on Rivscrew Fasteners please click here

Whichever Speed Rivet is selected the method of installation and the precision manufacture means that you have a process which is 100% repeatable with every installation. Quality is assured and it's impossible for the operator to influence the final result. All Speed fasteners are manufactured from a single piece of material - no separate body and stem. For anybody who needs to re-process the finished article such as when anodising is required Speed Riveting ensures that there are no dissimilar materials issues. For more information on the entire Speed Fastener range please click here

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