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The PEMSERTER® QX4 Turret Tool System provides an efficient method to quickly change between four different anvil tools.
The PEMSERTER Series 4® press is designed to install self-clinching fasteners in size M2 / through M10 / 3/8" into steel, and sizes up to M12 / 1/2" into aluminum or plastics.
The PEMSERTER® MICRO-MATE® press is a versatile hand tool suitable for prototyping or short production runs
981820000, 981820001
PEM offers optional anvil holders and tooling which can be easily installed on all new and existing Series 4 insertion Presses.
anvil holders
Floating action compensates for mating hole misalignment. Available with locking or non-locking threads. Thread sizes #4 to 1/4" and M3 to M6.
Used for applications requiring closed thread ends. Blind end limits screw penetration and excludes foreign matter. Thread sizes #4 to 1/4" and M3 to M6.
PEM® self-clinching concealed-head studs and standoffs install permanently in steel or aluminum sheets as thin as 1.6mm to provide strong and reusable threads for mating hardware in a wide range of thin-metal assembly applications. Their concealed-head feature contributes particular design benefits by allowing the side of the sheet opposite installation to remain smooth and untouched. This feature additionally serves to satisfy applications where the sheet must remain completely sealed from air, liquid, dust, gases, or other potentially infiltrating elements.
PEMSERT® self-clinching flush nuts suit applications where a thin metal sheet requires load-bearing threads stronger than tapped holes but must remain flat without any protrusions on either side of the sheet.
F, F4
External threads in sheets as thin as .020" / 0.51 mm. Included are flush- mounted studs, studs for thin sheets, high-strength studs, bus bar studs, studs for stainless steel, and non- threaded alignment pins.
Especially hardened Flush head studs for installation into stainless steel sheets as thin as 1.0 mm
Installs closer to the edge of a sheet than standard studs without causing that edge to bulge. Flush-head for sheets thickness .040"/1mm and greater.
New PEM Flush-Head Studs With X-Press Threads Uniquely Designed For Quick Mating With Plastic Fasteners
Type HF109© clinch studs are specially heat-treated to achieve greater tensile strength up to Property Class 10.9 (metric) meeting 150 ksi/1040 MPa minimum. Their large-diameter heads serve to reduce compressive stress on panels and promote development of full thread strength.
These self-clinching studs have an enlarged head diameter that provides high-strength in sheets as thin as .040"/1mm.
Self Clinching Stud for installation into very hard thin steel
PEM HNL prevailing torque self locking nuts are available in M6 to M10 thread sizes.
The PEM® heat sink mounting system introduces an engineered solution to securely attach heat sinks to circuit boards while providing a firm and constant contact to the chip component for optimum heat dissipation. The system additionally integrates a unique audible "click" feature to prevent over tightening during installation, accommodates slight expansion and contraction of joint components without causing stress or damage to delicate and expensive circuitry, and allows for removal of the heat sink if necessary.
The PEMSERTER in-di system allows a variety of fasteners to be installed into the panel during the stamping process – this eliminating the time required to install hardware afterwards as a separate operation.
In Die Machine
Internally threaded fasteners for mounting into P.C. boards. Thread sizes #2 to #10 and M2 to M5. KF2 and KFS2 fasteners are simply pressed into the prepared hole. once installed they provide a strong permanent thread in any printed circuit board material.
Standoffs available with or without threads for mounting into P.C. boards, for spacing or stacking.Thread sizes #4, #6 and M3.
The PEMFLEX® design provides MIL-N-25027 locking performance without damaging mating threads. Thread sizes #2 to #10 and M2.5 to M5. All-metal, self-locking fasteners are available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.
Self clinching micro pins for use in ultra compact electronic devices such as mobile phones, E-Readers, MP3 players etc. Reduces the need for conventional screws, nuts, welding or adhesives.
PEM type MPP, self-clinching micro standoffs are ideal for today's compact electronic assemblies. Simply pressed into a correctly sized mounting hole, these micro pins clinch permanently into place. Micro standoffs can be installed into a variety of sheet materials up to HRB 92/HB 195 in hardness and offer excellent corrosion resistance.
microPEM® thru-threaded brass inserts for plastics introduce ideal fastener solutions to attach components in compact electronic assemblies. Thread sizes down to M1. This range is available in brass.
New Micro-PEM® fasteners are now available supplied on tape and reel. With Thread sizes down to M1 the PEM® SMT range is now suitable for use attaching hardware components on even the smallest applications.
New microPEM® MSOFS flaring standoffs from PennEngineering® provide ideal miniature fastener solutions to attach and/or space components in compact electronic assemblies.
PF11, PF12, and PF11PM are completely pre-assembled spring loaded panel fasteners with a slot and/or phillips drive. Both have thread sizes #4 to 1/4" and M3 to M6.
PF11, PF12, PF11M, PF12M
Types PF11MF,PF12MF, and PF11PM F install into any panel hardness. They are appropriate for close centerline-to-edge applications and can be installed on painted surfaces.
Types PF11MW, PF12MW, and PF11PM W install into any panel hardness. They compensate for up to .060"/1.52mm mating thread misalignment and are appropriate for close centerline-to-edge applications. They can also be installed on painted surfaces.
Completely pre-assembled spring- loaded panel fasteners. Thread sizes #4 to 1/4" and M3 to M6.
PF30, PF31, PF32
Type PF50 with large head and Phillips recess for tool or finger operation. Available with six-lobe recess and meets UL 508 operator access area requirements. Type PF60 available with smooth cap for limited access. Also available in black.
PF50, PF60
A small, compact and low profile design for use in limited access areas. PF7M comes with Matt Thread anti-cross feature and a Philips recess for tool or hand operation.
Completely pre-assembled spring-loaded panel fasteners. PFC2 parts are made from 300 grade stainless steel, whilst PFS2 panel; fasteners are predominantly made from Heat treated carbon steel. Thread sizes 4-40 to 1/4"--20 and M3 to M6.
PEM® PFC4™ self-clinching captive panel screws from PennEngineering® install permanently into stainless steel enclosures to enable easy access whenever necessary and eliminate risks associated with loose screws. The captivated screw remains reliably in place where designed in a door or panel and will not loosen, fall out, or damage internal components. Meets UL 1950 " service area access" requirements. Assorted screw lengths for most applications, for use in sheets of HRB 88 or less.
Panel fasteners with spring-loaded captive screws for mounting into P.C boards. Thread sizes #4, #6, and M3.
A nylon hexagonal insert in PL (steel) and PLC (stainless steel) self-clinching nuts provides a reusable, non-metallic prevailing torque thread locking function. Thread sizes 4-40 to 10-32 and M3 to M5.
Used as a retractable drawer-guide stop, indexing pins and latch detents. Can be locked in retracted position. Plunger diameter .250" /6.4 mm.
Provides strong right angle attachment points in thin sheets. Type RAS fasteners are threaded and attachment is simply made using a standard screw. Type RAA fasteners come unthreaded and are designed to accept a self tapping screw.
Strong internal threads in sheets as thin as .030" / 0.8 mm. Thread sizes #2 to 1/2" and M2 to M10.
SCN™ Spinning Clinch Nuts are permanently captive, free spinning one-piece flanged hex nut that are installed into a round punched holes. SCN clinch nuts are made from hardened carbon steel and allow installation into sheet materials as thin as 1.5mm /.060”: New- Spinning clinch nut is now available with RT™ self locking technology
PEM SFK series Spotfast® fasteners create a permanent, flush joining of metal to PCB/plastic panels. The fastener installs smooth with the top sheet, and flush or sub-flush with the bottom sheet.
New PEM® SFN® spinning flare nuts are designed to rotate freely when permanently captivated in thin metal sheets for quick attachment to mating hardware and reduced need for loose fasteners such as flange nuts. When paired with a self-clinching stud or other fixed externally threaded hardware, all loose hardware can be eliminated from an application to help streamline assembly time and decrease production costs.
PEM Type SGPC swaging collar studs can install into most panel materials, provide strong torque-out resistance and are suitable for close centerline-to-edge applications. They can also be installed into multiple layers of panels as long as the total thickness does not exceed the recommended maximum.
Self Clinching Nuts for installation into very hard thin steel alloys.
Designed so that a P.C. board or other mating component can be quickly slipped into place and then removed by sliding the board sideways and lifting it off. Available in steel and 400 grade stainless steel for installation into aluminium, steel and 300-grade stainless steel panels
Type SKS-R™ fasteners are designed so that two sheets can be quickly joined flat against each other. Typically, several fasteners are used with one standard PEM® threaded F™ flush nut which accepts a screw to secure the sheets against any unwanted movement.
Two new product designs from PEM offers the ability to installs full strength threads into very thin materials and closer to the edge.
PEM® SMTPFLSM® Reelfast® panel fasteners come pre-assembled and supplied on tape and reel. This means that the panel fastener can be fitted in one operation with no offline secondary operations making it the fastest way to assemble panel fasteners to a PCB.
ReelFast® surface mount fasteners are mounted to printed circuit boards in the same manner as other surface mount components prior to the automated solder reflow process. Type SMTRA offers strong, reusable threads for right angle attachment.
New ReelFast® KEYHOLE® Standoffs, SMTSK for printed circuit boards enable the quick attachment and removal of stacked components without using screws.
New PEM® SMTSS™ ReelFast® SNAP-TOP® standoff fasteners from Penn Engineering® hold printed circuit boards securely in assemblies without the need for additional mating screws or other loose threaded hardware to complete attachment
Strong internal threads in sheets as thin as .030" and M2 to M10. / 0.8 mm. Thread sizes #2 to 1/2". Designed to be installed into stainless steel SP self clinch fastners offer similar corrosion resistance to 300 grade stainless steel.
New PEM® S-RT free-running lock-nuts allow the mating screw to be spun on freely until a until clamp load is induced. Unlike other thread locking systems the screw runs freely until the final clamp load is reached and provides superior resistance to vibration.
TFH studs are for use in panels as thin as 0.51mm. TFH studs are available in metric thread sizes M3 to M5, plus a range of unified thread sizes up to 10-32.
New PEM® TK™TackSert® pins from Penn Engineering® introduces an ideal alternative to screws for attaching thin panels in assemblies. They can securely attach panels of any material to base panels manufactured from commonly used materials not suited to self-clinching techniques
The PEM®type TPXS pin meets the ATCA PICMG 3.0 specifications for a 3mm alignment pin. The 15° tapered point makes engaging the mating hole easier.
PEM Varimount Blind Nut assemblies are available in M3 to M5 thread sizes in steel or stainless steel variants
PEM Varimount Stand off assemblies are available in M4 to M6 thread sizes in steel or stainless steel variants
PEM Varimount Stud assemblies are available in M4 to M6 thread sizes in steel or stainless steel variants
PEM Varimount Standard Nut assemblies are available in M3 to M5 thread sizes in steel or stainless steel variants
Unique PEM design prevents burnouts and eliminates the need for indexing and retapping to remove weld spatter. Thread sizes M3 to M6.