Product Supplies From Zygology After Brexit

The proposed exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union is due to take place on the 29th of March 2019. As yet agreement has not been reached regarding how the UK will trade with the remaining EU after this time. Understandably this is of great concern both us to our customers, who are thinking about the continued supply of parts if an agreement is not reached before we leave.

We, and our primary suppliers are already planning for post Brexit, and strategies are being put in place to try to minimise disruption to supplies.

Our Suppliers

Southco and Stanley Engineered Fasteners (POP Avdel) have manufacturing facilities in the UK. Supply from these locations should not be affected. In the case of Stanley most parts are currently distributed from the EU, but this arrangement could be revisited if necessary.
Both Southco and Stanley also have manufacturing locations based outside of the EU. Supplies from these locations should be relatively unaffected by Brexit.

Penn Engineering (PEM)
Most parts supplied into the UK are manufactured in Galway, Ireland. Currently, we see no reason why this should not continue. However, PENN also has other manufacturing locations outside of the EU. Should the supply of parts be temporarily disrupted we should be able to obtain supplies of parts directly from these other locations to prevent any break in supply.

Tesa has a distribution centre in the UK, and we do not anticipate any long term issues with supply.

ProGrip Rivet Nuts
These are supplied from outside of the EU and we do not anticipate any changes in the supply of these parts.

One area where we have no control, and cannot predict the future, is the UK’s future trading terms with the EU. There is the distinct probability that whatever happens there will be some change in the terms under which we trade with the EU. This may have an effect on the level of pricing we may be able to offer. As such we can offer no confirmation at this time that we will be able to maintain pricing at the current levels for new orders after the end of April this year.
Where customers have firm orders against known requirements we will take every step possible to ensure that we continue to supply any order balances at the agreed pricing.

The current situation
Parliament has had its say, and both a 'no deal Brexit' has been ruled out as has the so called Back Stop. Theresa May now has the task of convincing the EU to agree to remove or modify the Back Stop suitably. If the EU does not agree to this the probability is that we will, in fact, leave the EU with no deal, and trade with Europe using WTA rules. This will result in tariffs being applied to both imports and exports to the EU. We can also expect disruption and delays to all imported and exported goods.

If an an agreement is reached then we will leave the EU in a more orderly manner and should see no immediate effect on the way we trade with Europe.

We are increasing our stocks where possible and taking steps to ensure that we have parts to cover known demand and existing customer orders. However, we can only hold a certain amount of stock, and we strongly recommend that customers place advance orders with us as soon as possible if they want to ensure continuity of supply for a period beyond the exit date.

Things may change rapidly over the coming weeks and we will endeavour to update this page as required to reflect the current situation, so please continue to visit for the most current information.

If you  would like to ensure continuity of supply or fix pricing post Brexit please email us at or call us free on 0808 123 1221


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