New Corrosion-Resistant, Southco R4-30 Latch Eliminates False Latching Conditions In The Toughest Environments


Southco has introduced the newest addition to their successful R4-30 range of rotary latches. Constructed from high-strength, robust stainless steel with a two-stage design, the new R4-30s ensure safe use and increases security by preventing false latching conditions in heavy-duty enclosure applications. The addition of corrosion-resistant materials to the range means you can use your R4-30 latches for longer than ever. 

Southco R4-30 Rotary Latch
The two-stage design and elimination of false latching makes the new R4-30s ideal for applications where safety and security is of the highest importance, including construction, agricultural, industrial machinery, marine and transportation.
These robust latches combine rotary-action security with push-to-close convenience making them ideal for doors and panels of heavy-duty equipment and vehicles. 
The durable materials, corrosion-resistant plating and robust construction, make these latches suitable for the most demanding of environments. Additionally, the R4-30 range continues with the options and applications that made it such a popular choice to begin with:

Available Options

  • Separate models available for right-hand and left-hand opening styles.
  • Available in choice of threaded and through-hole mounting styles.
  • Electronically actuated rotary latch models also available.
  • Two-stage cam version prevents false latching condition.
  • Single and two-stage cam versions with integrated bumper option to eliminate noise and vibration.
  • Dual point option allows the rotary latch to be actuated from different positions.
  • Compact and micro styles minimise protrusion within the enclosure.
  • Integrated cable mounting bracket option eliminates the need for secondary installation components.
  • Paddle actuator option combines rotary latch and actuator into one solution for simplified rotary system installation.
Industry Applications
  • Bus, coach & recreational vehicles.
  • Enclosures.
  • Industrial machinery.
  • Medium & heavy trucks.
  • Agriculture.
Describing the new additions to the R4-30 range, Southco Global Product Manager, Cynthia Bart, said, "The stainless steel R4-30 Two-Stage Rotary Latch features a robust, corrosion-resistant design, making these latches an ideal choice for applications exposed to demanding environments. 
"The concealed nature of the latch improves industrial design while enhancing security."
For more information on the Southco R4 range click here.
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