PEM SMTSS Fasteners

PEM SMTSS Fasteners Increase Circuit Board Assembly Efficiency & Reduce Risk Of Board Damage

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are everywhere. From toys and smartphones to computers and cars, you're never too far from electronic components that are reliant on PCBs, each requiring secure attachment to deliver and maintain high performance.

According to a recent report published by global market research specialists, Lucintel, the worldwide PCB market is expected to reach an estimated $72.6 billion by 2022. The industry relies on efficient assembly, as the cost of error for companies as a result of PCB damage is significant.

PCB Assembly Process

The fabrication of a complete PCB assembly requires an array of machines, materials and processes. It is costly and, therefore, the importance of getting each stage right is vital.

Surface mount technology has become the predominant method of installing electronic components to circuit boards owing to its speed and precision. 

However, mechanical fixings are still commonly installed as secondary operation. This is not only a slow process; it leaves the circuit board open to damage in a number of ways whilst this work is undertaken. 

If rework is required it is expensive. Additionally, certain damage only becomes apparent when the circuit board is further down the production line. This means that even more process time is spent on the board and additional components possibly wasted - all before the circuit board is identified as being unviable.

Is There A Better Way?

Penn Engineering has developed its range of PEM® Reelfast® surface mount mechanical fixings which allow threaded inserts, standoffs, panel fasteners and cable management parts to be securely installed onto printed circuit boards using exactly the same equipment and processes used for the electronic elements. 

This reduces assembly time and cost considerably whilst improving the quality of installation and eliminating the risk of damage occurring whilst offline assembly is undertaken. 

It really is a win-win for the customer.
Supplied on industry standard tape and reel, Reelfast® fasteners come pre-tinned and ready for direct installation onto circuit boards from 1.53mm thick upwards.

How New PEM SMTSS Snap Top Standoffs Can Help Improve Your Business

The addition of PEM® SMTSS® Surface Mount Standoff Fasteners to the range can significantly reduce the time required to mount secondary PCBs and other components.

Further time can be taken out of the process by using Snap-Top® Standoffs to attach secondary PCB's to the main board and attaching PCB's to a chassis.

Snap-Top® Standoffs offer significant resistance to vibration and shock loads whilst allowing quick "snap on" assembly and disassembly as required.  

Installation of Snap-Top fasteners is usually by their pressing into place; now the introduction of SMTSSS® standoffs improves the process further by allowing their installation with the other components as part of the surface mount process. 

Surface mounted Snap-Top® standoffs eliminate the need for the use of additional loose hardware including screws, nuts and various washer combinations which would otherwise be required. 

The Future...

As a result of the introduction of PEMs ReelFast® products, there is a reduction in time, cost and alleviated concerns for manufacturers about potential stress damage to PCBs due to improper secondary installation operations. 

As real estate on circuit boards becomes increasingly scarce, the ReelFast® range continues to develop to accommodate this with thread sizes down to M1 or less available for nuts and standoffs. Along with other Micropem® parts which are available, PEM has fixing solutions which improve and simplify virtually all aspects of electronic assembly.

When asked about Reelfast® from PEM®, Zygology Sales Director, Richard Avery said, "ReelFast® fasteners have proved to be a game changer for many customers already; indeed with the benefits that can be found with this new concept and product line, we anticipate significant growth over the coming months and years.

"Once PCB manufacturers see first-hand how the ReelFast® range, can reduce assembly time and eliminate the risk of costly board damage, this mounting method for PCBs will grow throughout the industry!

Zygology are proud to stock the PEM® ReelFast® product range and if your company or organisation is looking to improve circuit board assembly efficiency and improve return on investment by reducing errors and costs, don't hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today.

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