Southco Positioning Technology for AV Mounts and Positioning Door Hinges

Southco Constant Torque Positioning Technology From Zygology Offers New Solutions For Medical Equipment.

The portability of equipment in the medical and other industries presents new design challenges for manufacturers.

Visual display units and keyboards are employed in virtually every healthcare activity, from diagnostic and imaging equipment to dispensing carts and charting stations. As new technologies are introduced into the workplace - such as touchscreen and wireless capabilities - medical equipment has become more advanced and mobile, improving usability for the operator and enhancing the patient experience.

The portability of medical equipment in the healthcare industry presents new design challenges for manufacturers. Machines and terminals must be designed to accommodate mobility, whilst still addressing functionality. Efficient medical equipment design should simplify operations and minimize operator strain during use, with the goal of significantly improving the daily job functions of healthcare workers and practitioners.

To effectively incorporate ergonomics into medical equipment, engineers need to select components that are not only functional but meet ergonomic requirements. Through the integration of positioning solutions such as hinges, mounts and control arms, operators of medical equipment will experience an enhanced ease of use, as well as improved control and reliability.

The explosion of touchscreens and imaging technology has created a dramatic increase in the need for flexible display mounting in medical equipment applications. In healthcare facilities today, medical equipment, such as endoscopy machines, ultrasounds and other are often mounted to a mobile cart, making it easier to move from room to room. Incorporating mounts and arms in these applications can help medical equipment designers achieve positioning that is more user friendly for those using these machines.

Constant Torque Technology
Southco's Constant Torque positioning technology, uses mechanisms which are pre-set at precise torque values that ensure that the settings will not alter for the service life of the equipment. Typically Constant Torque assemblies can operate for up to 20,000 cycles without noticeable deterioration in performance. Hinges and mounts equipped with Constant Torque mechanisms offer a full range of motion and eliminate drift, which both improves functionality and usability as well as saving the time involved with traditional setup.

Enhancing ease of use with positioning arms and mounts

Southco AV-D32 single and dual articulating display mounts are supplied with VESA standard mounts and built in cable management. Movement includes tilt, pan extend and lift. Capable of handling displays up to 40" or more.
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Southco's display mounting solutions offer the following benefits in medical equipment design:

  • Supports the display screen when it must remain stationary, yet allows it to be easy to move during repositioning.
  • Able to withstand vibration and bumping that may result during operation and transportation, whilst preventing drift.
  • Can be moved in multiple directions and angles, allowing displays to be easily pulled toward or pushed away from the operator as needed.
  • Reliable, repeatable cycle life to eliminate the need for service or adjustment during operation.

A large range of designs and configurations are available to suit most display sizes and the degree of movement required.

Southco's Tilt Display Mount (AV-D25) provides integrated positioning technology with a tilt-only feature to suit different users and lighting conditions. The mount can be tilted at various angles with minimal operating effort for precise positioning.
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The AV-D40 tilt and swivel mount comes with internal counterbalance springs which makes the movement and adjustment of displays even lighter to the touch. Also available with single or double articulating arms which also allows screens to be pulled forward and pushed back again when not required.
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Southco's AV-C20 is a simple to install tilt and swivel mount for small screens or tablets. A two screw fixing allows any design mount the customer wishes to be attached and a simple bolt fixing allows the unit to be mounted on carts, cabinets etc in a few seconds.
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Constant Torque Hinging technology offers flexible and effective position control

Positioning technology can also be incorporated into a variety of medical equipment applications by way of Constant Torque hinges. These hinges are ideal for applications where it is necessary to easily open and close frequently used doors and panels on applications such as wall charting stations, medical cabinets and diagnostic equipment with heavy lids. Both torque and detent hinges hold doors and lids in the position they were left in eliminating the need for stays and struts to keep them open.
Southco's hinging technology is available in a variety of options to accommodate ergonomic styling and suit medical equipment design needs:

  • Constant torque hinges provide resistance throughout the entire range of motion, keeping the panel of a wall charting station in position once it has been opened or allowing the user to easily adjust the exact angle of a keyboard rest for instance.
  • Counterbalanced hinges allow the weight of an object such as a heavy tray or lid, to fold up easily. Counterbalanced hinges provide lift assistance, making it possible to raise heavy objects with minimal force, reducing back and shoulder strain.
  • Detent hinges provide positive retention at predetermined points, such as fully open or fully closed positions. This allows healthcare workers to hold panels open, providing rapid access while keeping both hands free.

Southco's range of Constant Torque positioning hinges offers standard solutions for external, concealed or fully integrated designs requiring repositioning and control of motion.
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Constant Torque hinges are also suitable for embedding into plastic mouldings leaving virtually none of the hinge exposed. Ideal where the design calls for smooth lines and no visible mechanism.
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Internal counterbalancing is a great feature available on most Constant Torque hinge designs. This allows the hinge to assist the opening of a lid for instance, without increasing the force required to close the lid again as would happen with a simple spring or gas strut for instance.

For applications which do not require the sophistication of Constant Torque technology Southco detent hinges will hold a door open to a pre-set position and also hold the door in the closed position without the need for additional latching. Ideal for frequently accessed cupboards. With no exposed fixing these are ideal for medical cabinets.
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