New SI Inserts

Aluminium Insert Introduces Lead-Free and Lightweight Option

IUA Aluminium Inserts

New aluminium versions of SI brand threaded inserts from PennEngineering introduce lead-free and lightweight alternatives to brass counterparts and offer ideal solutions to eliminate potential environmental and recycling issues while contributing to overall lighter assemblies.  The aluminium option is approximately 70% lighter than brass equivalents and can be specified for all types of SI inserts and augments the standard line of brass and corrosion-resistant lead-free stainless steel products.  All provide durable and reusable metal threads in plastics to accept mating hardware and subsequently allow for access to an assembly whenever required.
Applications for SI threaded inserts include plastic enclosures or components for the consumer electronics, medical, automotive, aerospace, transportation, and recreational industries, among many others.
Whether manufactured from aluminium, stainless steel, or brass, the SI product line for plastic assemblies includes ultrasonic/heat staking inserts for installation ultrasonically or with a thermal press, moulded-in types installed during the moulding process, and press-in types installed by pressing the insert into a pre-moulded or drilled hole.
All install permanently and, unlike fixed and unyielding joining methods (such as adhesives or rivets), the inserts ultimately offer the capability to disassemble and re-attach plastic components easily and quickly without damaging the threads, compromising attachment integrity, or otherwise adversely impacting an assembly.
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