PEMSERTER Series 2000 Press

PEMSERTER Series 2000 Press
PEMSERTER Series 2000 Press
SKU: 2000
An 8-ton (71.kN), fully automatic with programmable logic controller, menu driven touch screen, built in safety device and 24" throat depth.
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Product Details

The PEMSERTER® Series 2000® fastener installation press is designed to safely, reliably, accurately, and quickly install a wide variety of self-clinching fasteners.

The Series 2000 press is a fully automatic system, which utilizes a programmable logic controller and a menu driven touch screen, operator interfacing system, which is available in 9 different languages. Touch screens allow for quick-run-set-up, easy operator training, and precise fastener installation setups. The touch screen allows the operator to instantly adjust installation variables like, dwell time and installation force. Also, touch screen operations automatically alert and direct the operator to any safety or system faults for quick diagnosis.

The Series 2000 press has a unique LightStream®Operator Safety System. It is a wireless system with a redundant pair of infrared light beams that immediately detect when the main ram contacts any object, metallic or non-metallic, that should not be in its path. The LightStreamT system provides a fast, precise, and reliable safety system that ensures ram force is only applied to fasteners for installation.

Dependable, accurate, and safe, at 1.2 seconds per fastener installation, the Series 2000 sets the pace for all other fastener installation presses. This unique fastener installation system increases through-put, reduces cost with scrap-free operations.

  • Adjustable ram stroke distance control in manual and bottom feed nut mode.
  • Real-time installation force feedback displayed on screen.
  • Counter subtraction control for work piece.
  • Descriptive screen alerts for operating errors.
  • Adjustable dwell time.


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