Southco Surface

Speeds up the installation of panel fasteners to PCBs

 Southco’s Surface Mount Technology (SMT) installation allows captive screws to be soldered directly to the Printed Circuit (PC) board, eliminating the need for a secondary mechanical press to install captive screws after the reflow process.
Compared to traditional self-clinching, flare-in and PC board fasteners that require mechanical assembly, Southco’s SMT solution enables the attachment of captive hardware to be completed during the PC board reflow process, reducing scrap rates and improving first yield pass. Available in both tray and reel assembly options, Southco’s SMT mitigates risk in the production of high-value products used in many industries.

•    Supplied on  tape and reel or trays for hand installation
•    Standard Phillips and Torx® recesses
•    Thread sizes currently available are 4-40, 6-32 and M3 in two lengths

Key Product Features and Benefits include
•    Eliminates mechanical press scrap to streamline assembly process
•    Removal plug prevents need for costly cap
•    Mitigates risk in the production of high-value product applications
•    Compatible with multiple Southco captive hardware products

Suitable for the following industries
•    Telecommunications/Networking
•    Servers/Data Storage
•    Enclosure Companies
•    Electrical Equipment/Switchgear
•    Military Aerospace
•    Military Equipment
•    Consumer Electronics
Southco’s SMT is ideal for telecommunications and networking companies that are actively engaged in designing storage, networking, server and server cards or the production process. Southco’s SMT replaces traditional self-clinching, flare-in and PC board installation requiring secondary mechanical assembly post reflow.  

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