Stainless steel

The new PEMĀ® SGPC swaging stud is a versatile new option for a variety of applications

The new PEM® Type SGPC swaging collar studs provide ideal fastener solutions for attaching dissimilar panel materials and/or multiple panels.  They can accommodate most panel materials -- including stainless steel - and will exhibit strong torque-out resistance.  Their design additionally allows for close to edge distance to suit limited-space applications.
PEM Type SGPC swaging collar studs can install into sheets as thin as 0.6mm and in multiple panels whose total thickness does not exceed the maximum sheet thickness of 1.2mm.  They are manufactured from 300 Series stainless steel promoting corrosion resistance and can be used in sheets of any hardness.
The studs are available in thread sizes  M2.5 through M6.  Lengths range from  8mm through 35mm.
Permanent installation is quick and easy using a standard punch and anvil.  After inserting the stud into a properly sized mounting hole in the host sheet and with punch and anvil surfaces parallel, sufficiently applied squeezing force pushes the punch over the protruding knurls of the stud and the fastener then becomes locked securely in place.
SGPC  PEM Type SGPC swaging collar studs can install into most panel materials, provide strong torque-out resistance and are suitable for close centerline-to-edge applications.  They can also be installed into multiple layers of panels as long as the total thickness does not exceed the recommended maximum.

 The SGPC:

  • Installs into sheets as thin as 0.6 mm. 
  • Can be installed into dissimilar materials and/or multiple panels. 
  • Can be installed into most panel materials, including stainless. 
  • Is corrosion resistant 300 series stainless. 
  • Is appropriate for applications with close centerline-to-edge distances. 
  • RoHS compliant.
SGPC Studs
 Where can these studs be used?
  • Need to assemble multiple layers? The standard SGPC will also work with two or more layers up to a combined 1.2mm thick.  If required we can design one for other combined thicknesses.  
  • Need to assemble to a non-ductile material? The SGPC can be installed into materials which clinch studs cant like castings, plastic and PC boards. 
  • Need high corrosion resistance?  As long as the application doesnt require a flush finish, the SGPC can be more cost effective than the Type FHP.

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