New High strength

Property Class 10.9 and Grade 8 high tensile strength studs for heavy duty applications



New PEM® high tensile strength studs provide robust fastening solutions for the most demanding applications requiring superior thread strength and hardness.  Type HF109â„¢  clinch studs are specially heat-treated to achieve greater tensile strength up to Property Class 10.9 (metric) meeting 150 ksi/1040 MPa minimum.  Their large-diameter heads serve to reduce compressive stress on panels and promote development of full thread strength.

These carbon alloy steel studs have been introduced in thread sizes up to 5/16-18" / M8 and in lengths up to 1” / 25mm.  (Longer lengths can be specially ordered.)  Appropriate sizes of the Property Class 10.9 products meet ISO 898-1/SAE J1199 specifications.  They additionally carry the appropriate head markings.

The studs install permanently in carbon steel or HSLA steel sheets as thin as .040” / 1.5mm with hardness up to HRB 89 on the Rockwell "B” scale.  Installation is accomplished easily (without welding) using standard punch and anvil or automated equipment.  The studs enable reliable, secure, and simplified attachment of components or assemblies with only a mating part necessary to complete the process.


  • High tensile strength – 1040 MPa / 150 ksi minimum.
  • Suitable for applications which require higher clamp loads.
  • Capable of installing into materials as thin as .040” / 1.0mm and as hard as HRB 89 / HB 180.
  • Large head diameter reduces compressive stress on panel.
  • Head markings indicate Class 10.9 or Grade 8.
  • RoHS compliant.
HFG8 HF109

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