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Watch the videos to see how the AV-D30 mounting arms could be of use to you

Key Product Features and Benefits

  •  Integrated positioning technology and precise operating efforts for easy positioning
  • Flexible positioning with full tilt, swivel and swing out adjustment
  • Fully adjusted arm requires no adjustment, maintenance or service
  • Compact design enables mount to fold within 50mm of the wall
  •   VESA compliant mounting for 50 to 23 monitors

Customization Options

  • Four different lengths (also customizable)
  • Two different colors (also customizable)
  • Multiple mounting options (also customizable)
  • Customizable operating effort

Typical Applications

  • Small display screens
  • Industrial machinery
  • Medical touch screens
  • Movable carts
  • Off highway equipment
  • Transportation applications
AV-645 AV-645
The AV-D30 Dynamic Mounting Arm can be used in applications needing a display mount that goes beyond the capabilities of those found in the typical home or office. Applications that include dynamic loading would be well served by the strength of the AV-D30.
Truck drivers can install the mounting arm and never worry about vibration moving the display. Users of touch screens in various industries will enjoy the benefit of having the display stay in place when touched.
The integrated positioning technology ensures ideal user feel and would enable customers industry wide to operate their displays more smoothly and fluidly.
Customers faced with space challenges will also benefit from the minimal storage space of the AV-D30. This product offers a user-intuitive, cost-effective way to bring display positioning to new applications, and it can improve upon existing applications in the transportation, industrial and medical industries, in particular.


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