Electronic Access

Using Electronic Access Solutions to Enhance Stand-Alone Kiosk Security

As self-service equipment evolves & expands into new application areas, ensuring the security of this equipment is essential to protect kiosk contents & the personal data of users.

From point of sale (POS) self-service touch screen supermarket checkouts, information points, airport check-in kiosks & parcel collection lockers, to temperature readers following COVID-19, our reliance on self-service technology has never been higher.

Increased Demand Of Self-Service Equipment

As a result of the increasing demand of consumer electronics & rising adoption of touchscreen in commercial applications & kiosks, the global touch panel market was valued at US $59.06 billion in 2019 & is projected to reach US $137.19 billion by 2027.

The importance Of Intelligent Security

Stand-alone kiosks feature expensive equipment & are located in a wide range of locations, often unattended. They can store valuable products, give access to valuable services & utilise technology to capture personal & financial information. As they are connected to corporate transaction networks they are susceptible to hackers. 

The Security Solution - Electronic Access Solutions (EAS)

Southco's Electronic Access Solutions (EAS) combines proven engineered mechanical locks & latches with electronic actuation secure remote controlled & monitored access solutions.

EAS that incorporate electronic locking & access control devices offer a proven & easy way to add physical security to self-service kiosks without interrupting industrial design. These electronic access solutions can serve as stand-alone access control devices, or they can be connected to a network for remote access control.

EAS Benefits:

  • Remotely manage access in real time by controlling & tracking who accesses the enclosures, when & for how long.
  • Timesaving & more efficient than tracking equipment access key use.
  • Remote monitoring & concealed locking hardware provides a robust & efficient form of physical security & access control. 
  • Higher level of deterrence to vandals & thieves who try to steal kiosk equipment, merchandise, credit card data or cash.

Southco EA-BT - BLUETOOTH® Control System

Available from Zygology, Southco’s EA-BT BLUETOOTH® Controller integrates with your user interface to provide a full access control system & remote monitoring of intelligent locks without having to wire into a network, or install, manage & maintain software. When connected to a secure, cloud-based platform, the EA-BT Controller allows BLUETOOTH® enabled devices such as smartphones & tablets to be used as a credential for wirelessly actuating an electronic latch, such as the Southco R4-EM. (For more information about the R4-EM, click here.)

Southco EA-BT - BLUETOOTH® Controller

EA-BT - BLUETOOTH® Controller Features:

  • BLUETOOTH® based system with secure, multi-level encryption
  • Wireless access via any BLUETOOTH® LE enabled device
  • VIZpin® Cloud-based Admin – no software to buy, install or maintain
  • Time based credentials for simple management of access
  • Audit trail for remote monitoring of access

Industry Applications:

  • Stand-alone Kiosks
  • Self-Service Point of Sale
  • Self-Service Lockers 
  • Medical Equipment

Get In Touch With The Assembly Experts

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To discover more about Southco’s EA-BT BLUETOOTH® Controller, click here.

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