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Zygology Keeps Calm and Carries On

Coronavirus COVID-19 and Zygology Ltd Information

As with every other business worldwide Zygology Ltd is endeavouring to manage the issues presented to us owing to the rapid spread of COVID-19 and the steps being taken by governments to reduce and reverse this trend. Obviously, we completely support all efforts being made to prevent the virus affecting even more people, and have put our own procedures in place to mitigate the spread and minimise any disruption to our service to customers as much as possible.

Like many other businesses, we now have people self-isolating owing to family members being in possible contact with the virus, which means that our sales office staff is now somewhat depleted. In order to offset this we have installed the capability for enquiries to be handled and orders processed remotely by those unable to physically come into the office. However, we would ask that wherever possible you contact us by email to reduce the load on our remaining office based staff.

We have rigorous procedures in place to reduce infection by essential visitors such as delivery and mail drivers, but we would ask that any non-essential visits to our premises by customers and suppliers are postponed for the time being.

Please note that our tool repair service is still functioning, but has limited capacity owing to staff shortages. If you have an urgent tool issue which is causing line stops or production issues contact us before sending any urgently required tools in. We may be able to prioritise your repair or offer a short term loan or hire replacement to you.

Our partner carriers UPS and Royal Mail have confirmed that daily collections from us and deliveries to customers will continue on a daily basis as previously. Likewise, our suppliers all continue to work as normal to ensure that our stock levels are maintained.

For as long as our carriers continue to collect and deliver to us we will endeavour to carry on with business as usual.

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