R2 / R5 Panel

Time-Tested R2 & R5 Panel Fastening Draw Latches Receive New Finish To Enhance Corrosion Resistance & High Strength Latching - Available Now at Zygology

The time-tested R2 / R5 Panel Fastening Draw Latch has been updated with a new finish that increases durability & efficiency. When enhanced corrosion resistance via updated finish meets high strength latching you get Southco’s R2 / R5 Panel Fastening Draw Latches & they are available now at Zygology. 

Strength & Security in Minimal Time

Southco’s R2 & R5 Panel Fastening Draw Latches are established products & have been built with efficiency in mind. Combining quick operation, exceptional strength & concealed mounting, R2 & R5 Panel Fastening Draw Latches provide a proven solution for joining panels, & securely closing doors. With less than one full turn of a wrench, panels can be securely joined, or disassembled for service or transportation.

Enhanced Corrosion Resistance & High Strength Latching 

The updated latches combine reliable, industrial grade finishes with strength & durability. Refreshed with galvanised steel to prevent rusting, the R2 & R5 latches deliver a consistent long-lasting appearance over time while maintaining the product’s established quality & strength.

Production processes are increased as the latches enable the rapid assembly & disassembly of doors & panels, providing significant reductions in time & labour costs. Trusted with secure construction of exhibits, displays & staging, they are a proven solution for joining panels, providing sufficient pull-up action to create a tight connection & seal.

R2/R5 Panel Fastening Draw Latches Features:

  • Pull-up action engages latches tightly & compresses gasketing for an airtight or watertight seal.
  • Provides a high strength, concealed joint
  • Assemble a complete structure using one hex wrench
  • Concealed mounting; once secured, the latch is hidden inside the panel
  • Self adjusts to ensure a tight connection

Industry Applications:

  • Building Construction
  • Architecture
  • Furniture
  • HVAC – Heating / Ventilation / Air Conditioning
  • Signs, Exhibits & Displays 

Available Options:

  • R2 version self-adjusts to compensate for build variation
  • R5 version offers maximum strength & security
  • Mounting & material options to suit various panel construction methods & application environments

An Updated Finish To An Established Latch

Discussing the longevity of their existing R2 Latch, Director of Global Product Management Jim Ford said, “The R2 Panel Fastening Draw Latch has proven its strength & durability over decades of use in staging applications. Updating this established product with galvanised steel enables us to offer a consistent finish at an economical price point.” 

Zygology Sales Director Richard Avery added, “The R2 & R5 latches are an established part of our fastening draw latch range - & now they are better than ever.

“With their new galvanised finish, the R2 & R5’s provide enhanced corrosion resistance with increased strength to offer increased assembly security which will prove to be a winning combination for Zygology customers.”

Get In Touch With The Assembly Experts

If you’d like a sample or to discuss how to utilise the updated R2 & R5 Panel Fastening Draw Latches can be part of your assembly requirements, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today on 0808 123 1221 or email sales@zygology.com.

You can also see more information on the new R2 & R5 Panel Fastening Draw Latches available at Zygology here

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