Southco AC-EM-10

New Southco AC-EM-10 Electronic Actuators Simplify The Upgrade From Mechanical To Electronic Access Control - Available Now At Zygology Ltd

Southco has further expanded its line of electronic access solutions with the introduction of the AC-EM-10. When connected to an electronic access control device, the AC-EM-10 electronic actuator can be used to remotely actuate a mechanical latch to open or unlock a door or panel.

The upgrade from mechanical to electronic access control offers many benefits to companies including increased security and the AC-EM-10 simplifies the process offering an economical, sealed, bolt-on option for achieving electronic actuation. 

Available now at Zygology, the AC-EM 10 is capable of accommodating higher mechanical loads facilitating the electronic actuation of Southco’s R4-10 Rotary Latch series and other latching mechanisms. With its small profile design and efficient gear motor operation, it is ideal for concealed applications where physical space constraints are a challenge. 

Offering a cost-effective solution to electronic access control, the new AC-EM Electronic Actuators offer the following features and benefits:

  • Economic option & versatile solution for achieving electronic actuation
  • Economic upgrade for Southco R4-05 Rotary Latch from mechanical to electronic actuation
  • Allows electronic actuation of R4 Rotary Latches and other mechanical latches
  • Quick installation and ease of use
  • Tested to IP55 for water and dust protection
  • Can be easily retrofitted using standard cable connection for manual override

As the AC-EM-10 is tested to IP55 it offers protection from dirt, dust, oil and other non-corrosive material increasing product efficiency, versatility and longevity. 

Industry Applications Include:

  • Bus, coach & recreational vehicles
  • Enclosures
  • Industrial machinery
  • Medium & heavy trucks
  • Medical equipment
  • Motorbikes & personal leisure equipment
  • Off-Highway – construction & agriculture vehicles
  • Self-service point of sale

Steve Spatig, General Manager of Electronic Access Solutions at Southco noted, “The AC-EM-10 electronic actuator delivers an efficient and cost-effective solution for electronically actuating rotary latches. The actuator is easy to install and requires minimal power to accommodate typical latching loads.”

Discussing the latest electronic actuator from Southco, Zygology Sales Manager Richard Avery noted its benefits, “This new range of actuators add even more possibilities for customers who wish to introduce an electronic access solution to their products. The AC-EM actuators provide a simple and cost-effective method of automating any new, or even existing, Southco rotary latch application.” 

He continued, “Electronic latching removes the need to have the actuator closely situated near the latch; in addition the gear motor technology used in these actuators outperform traditional solenoid solutions which draw heavy currents and frequently jam when side loads are applied.”

If you’d like to find out more and discover how the economic, versatile and easy to use Southco AC-EM electronic actuators can meet your electronic access solution needs, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today on 0808 123 1221 or email

Further details on the R4 rotary latches which are suitable for use with the AC-EM electronic actuators can be found here


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