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New Miniature Southco Captive Screws Increase Fastening Opportunities In Small Areas

As part of their continued drive for assembly solutions and product innovation, Southco has introduced the 52 Miniature Captive Screw Low Profile series, providing companies with increased fastening opportunities in restricted spaces such as PC boards.

Captive screws are frequently the ideal solution for assembly. Offering secure attachment with minimum parts provides controlled use and enables efficient installation. However, there has always been the issue of space with height restrictions limiting captive screw accessibility.

Southco 52 Miniature Captive Screws

The new series enables captive fastening in the tightest spaces by featuring a 25% reduction in installation height compared with Southco's standard 52 Miniature series.

The reduced height ensures industries that rely upon assembly in the smallest of areas such as computers, telecommunications, industrial enclosures and medical equipment can continue to develop innovative products and processes. 

Further increasing your fastening options and assembly efficiency, the new series is available with press-in and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) providing additional versatility for fastening and unfastening. 

With other 400 products available in the Southco 52 Low Profile range including various colours, knurled or smooth knob styles, multiple thread or hole types, Zygology can meet your assembly requirements that would normally be restricted by lack of available space.

These miniature captive screws have been enhanced from their original, standard height 52 range design to include:
  • Smaller footprint for limited-space applications
  • Screw head doubles as knob for hand actuation
  • Heat-treated steel screw provides superior torque strength
  • Standard Phillips and Torx® recesses as well as combination recesses available
  • Provides ample float in unfastened position
Available Options:
  • Self-clinching and flare-in installation styles
  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT) installation style enables hardware to be attached during reflow process
  • Available in polished stainless steel finish and unpolished hardened carbon steel
  • Knurled and smooth head versions available
  • Low profile version provides reduced application height
Discussing the benefits of the new range, Global Product Manager for Southco Jim Grady said, "The newest addition to Southco's Captive Screw line takes up less vertical space, making it an ideal solution for applications where reduced installation height is a necessity, such as metal enclosure panels and PC boards."

The 52 Miniature series continues to utilise the expanded colour range first implemented with the larger captive screw range, providing additional product benefits described by Jim Grady as bringing, "Colour versatility to limited-space applications, allowing engineers to easily designate access points or colour code access as part of the overall product design scheme."

This range is available now at Zygology so if you'd like to find out more and discover how the new Southco 52 Miniature Captive Screws can increase your fastening opportunities in small areas, get in touch with our friendly team of experts today on 0808 123 1221 or email  or click here for technical specs.


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