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PB2500 and PB3400 spotlight

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The Next Generation of Battery Powered Rivet Tools is here.

There has long been a need for a rivet tool capable of working without compressed air - but able to offer compressed air tool speed and convenience. Until now battery tools have tried but failed to really compete with air tools for speed and practicality.

Battery tools offer great flexibility, especially for those who work away from a factory setting or who have never previously found the need to run a compressed air system. The problem has always been that battery tools have been relatively heavy and awkward to handle with slow cycle times and poor battery performance. Often these issues have also been accompanied with poor build quality and a lack of spare parts or repair facilities. Custom batteries also add to the general inconvenience. This has now changed with the two new battery powered rivet tools from Stanley Engineered

Fasteners and Zygology Ltd
The new top quality PB2500® and PB3400® tools from POP Avdel offer unmatched usability and performance in a light and well balanced package.

The PB2500® is designed to place break stem rivets from 2.2 to 5.0 mm diameter made from aluminium, steel and stainless steel. Able to install up to 40 rivets per minute and 900 rivets on a single 40 minute charge from the 2.0Ah 18 volt battery supplied, the PB2500 is a genuine alternative to an air rivet tool.
The PB3400® is a brand new heavy duty brother to the PB2500® designed to install rivets from 4.8mm to 6.4mm including structural rivets such as Monobolt. Using the 4.0Ah battery supplied the PB3400 is capable of installing up to 1000 rivets on a single charge.

Both tools benefit from best in class stroke length, energy consumption, battery life and cycle time. In use the tools are light and well balanced for comfortable extended use, feature quick change tool-less nose assemblies, rivet retaining nose tips and easy empty stem collectors. The battery technology used on both tools is the tried and tested DeWalt 18 volt XR Lithium-ion slide on which is used across a wide range of DeWalt battery tools. This keeps costs down and ensures that replacements are readily available. Robustly built and designed for prolonged use these tools genuinely offer an alternative to compressed air tools.
Both tools come supplied with fast intelligent charger, battery (two for PB3400) and range of nose tips in a versatile storage and carry case.

At Zygology we have factory trained tool technicians ready to service and repair all POP Avdel and Masterfix tools quickly and economically. This ensures that any tool purchased from us is guaranteed to have a long useful service life with minimal down time required for maintenance.

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With 40 years of experience Zygology is the country's largest distributor for POP Avdel and Southco; and main distributor for Penn Engineering in the UK. We are in addition the UK distribution hub for Masterfix fasteners and tooling. Zygology has also recently been appointed as an official distributor for Tesa assembly adhesive tapes. We have in-house repair facilities for POP Avdel and Masterfix tools. Zygology Ltd has an in depth knowledge of the products we sell and how they can be best incorporated into yours. We will always give the best advice we can - even if this sometimes means that we end up recommending a competing technology. We combine friendly service with competitive prices and excellent stock availability.


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