02931 Avseal

02931 Avseal XTSeries Extra High Pressure Sealing Plug

SKU: 02931
Aluminium sleeve, steel zinc plated and passivated stem, suitable for extra high pressure applications up to 1600 Bar for 5.0mm to 10.0mm holes.
02931  Avseal XTSeries Extra High Pressure Sealing Plug
02931 Avseal XTSeries Extra High Pressure Sealing Plug
Product Details


Avseal XT is a new development and addition to the Avseal sealing plug range. With a new design concept Avseal XT can work with pressures of up to 1600 Bar making it suitable for even the most demanding applications. The simple design of Avseal eliminates the need for tapped holes, reaming  of the hole or any liquid sealants.
Installed with simple break stem riveting tools requires no special hole preparation or skills to quickly to seal unwanted cross drill holes in a variety of commonly used materials.
The new Avseal XT introduces new features which make it even more user friendly. The steel mandrel is now larger than the aluminium sealing element. This protects the plug against any chance of scoring as it is inserted into the hole in the application.
Both ends of the mandrel are tapered making it easier and faster to engage the plug into the application and the nose tip onto the end of the mandrel
The purpose made nose tip installs the Avseal XT plug 2.0 mm below the surface of the application. This increases the blow out pressure the plug can withstand.

 Product performance

  • Fully annealed aluminium sleeve for high-performance sealing at pressures up to 900 bar depending on the application.
  • Stringent quality controls of material and process throughout production.
  • Air-leak testing of every production batch to verify sealing integrity.
  • Plugs require only plain drilled holes with no special preparation – no additional thread cutting or reaming required.
  • Unique hole-filling capability for improved sealing action and wider hole tolerances.
  • Internal lock of the remaining stem in the installed sleeve provides robust plugging of holes with high vibration resistance.
  • Short installed length, reduced blind side protrusion ideal for use in restricted depth holes.



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