Avseal II - 02964

Avseal II - 02964 Series - Low Pressure Sealing Plug

SKU: 02964
Aluminium sleeve, steel zinc plated and passivated stem, low pressure Avseal II suitable for thin wall applications and pressures up to 300 Bar for 8.0mm to 16.0mm holes.
Avseal II - 02964 Series - Low Pressure Sealing Plug
Avseal II - 02964 Series - Low Pressure Sealing Plug
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Avseal® II - 02964 Series - low pressure sealing plug

Engineered for low-pressure and thin wall hole sealing applications.

The rapidly installed two-piece sealing plug improves quality and safety in demanding applications while simplifying hole preparation and installation, reducing assembly costs.

Key features and benefits:
  • Suitable for thin wall or low pressure applications
  • Can withstand pressures up to 300 Bar
  • Fully annealed sleeve - high sealing performance
  • Hole fill capacity - improved seal and wider hole tolerance
  • Larger hole tolerance - simplified hole alignment when automated placing is required
  • Seal by compression of the sleeve - improves sealing with great hole fill capability over a wider hole tolerance
  • Internal lock - flat nose tip and ease of use
  • Improved stem retention - increased vibration resistance
  • No locking ring formed by nose tip - standard equipment reduces preventative maintenance
  • Tapered sleeve and stem - ease of entry into application and nose tips, suited to automated systems
  • Shorter placed length, blind side protrusion reduced - use in restricted space or thin wall
  • Can be easily modified - can suit specific applications
  • Ease of placing with standard tooling - quality of seal is not operator dependant





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