Tesa 62957 Cold

Tesa 62957 Cold Temperature Tape

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Tesas’ new double-sided tape is equipped with a high strength PE foam and acrylic adhesive to deliver superior performance in cold temperature applications.
Tesa 62957 Cold Temperature Tape
Tesa 62957 Cold Temperature Tape
Product Details
Tesas’ new double-sided tape is equipped with a high strength PE foam and acrylic adhesive to deliver superior cold processing characteristics. Tackling issues associated with using pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes in cold environments where insufficient levels of tack often result in significantly lowering performance levels, tesa 62957’s unique formulation delivers high strength and excellent ageing resistance to different substrates at temperatures as low as -10˚C. 
Featuring exceptionally strong adhesion with an excellent initial tack at low temperatures, tesa® 62957 also provides excellent protection against harsh substances and environments. Designed specifically for customers operating under cold temperatures in unheated environments or on construction sites, the product’s extensive list of properties including UV, water and ageing resistance as well as sealing, gap filling, noise and shock absorbing properties enhances performance on a wide range of adhesive tape applications. 
Applications including trims and profiles (plastic extrusions), stiffeners, reinforcement bars, window skirting trims and shelf edge labelling systems are just some of the types of bonding and mounting applications that can benefit from the tape’s impressive performance. As cold weather can impact construction work, builders and contractors are increasingly interested in materials and processes that remain effective in a wide range of conditions, including colder temperatures making 62957 an attractive proposition. 
The tape’s excellent wettability and high initial bond strength enables peel adhesion to be achieved at -10˚C in less than three days, offering potential to extend the working window and facilitating greater continuity of working in cold conditions.

tesa® 62957 features:

  • Excellent initial tack even at low temperatures
  • Superior cold working characteristics (down to -10°C)
  • Fully outdoor suitable (UV, water and ageing resistant)
Typical applications

  • Mounting of reinforcement bars
  • Mounting of window skirting trims
  • Bonding of trims and profiles (plastic extrusions)
  • Mounting of shelf edge labeling systems
  • Mounting applications requiring sealing, gap filling, noise dampening and shock absorption characteristics


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