Pemserter Micro-Mate Hand Tool

SKU: 981820000, 981820001
The PEMSERTER® MICRO-MATE® press is a versatile hand tool suitable for prototyping or short production runs
Pemserter Micro-Mate Hand Tool
Pemserter Micro-Mate Hand Tool
Product Details
The PEMSERTER® MICRO-MATE® press is a versatile hand tool weighing only 1.25 kg that can develop a squeezing force of 1,134 kg / 2,500 lbs.
The press kit contains one hand tool, one flat punch, seven punches and dies, one punch adapter bushing, one edge-depth guide, five fastener anvils and a storage case. The metric kit installs nut sizes M2 to M5, while the unified kit installs nut sizes 2-56 to 10-32.
  • Equipped with punches and dies to punch fastener mounting holes in metal sheets.
  • Changes to a flat punch and recessed anvil to easily install metric or unified self-clinching nuts.
  • Will install up to M5 nuts in aluminium or M3 nuts in steel.
  • Suitable for prototyping or short production runs.
  • Not suitable for studs or standoffs.
  • Throat Depth 45mm/1.75"
  • One-year parts warranty.


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