ACXPlus 707 Black

ACXPlus 707 Black

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Tesa ACXplus 7072 is a high performance black acrylic foam tape
ACXPlus 707 Black
ACXPlus 707 Black
Product Details

Tesa ACXplus 7072 is a black acrylic foam tape. It consists of a high-performance acrylic system and owing to its unique components it combines a very good temperature resistance with an outstanding cold shock resistance down to -40°C. It is designed for demanding outdoor bonding applications especially in combination with the tesa Adhesion Promoters. The visco-elastic, foamed acrylic core compensates different thermal elongation of bonded parts.

Typical Applications:

Bonding of panels and reinforcement bars in the following Industries:

  • Elevators
  • Transportation
  • Production equipment

Technical Data:

  • Backing material - foamed acrylic
  • Type of adhesive - pure acrylic
  • Colour - deep black
  • Elongation at break - 1000 %     

    Adhesion to:

  • Steel (initial) - 8.0 N/cm    Steel (after 3 days) - 20.0 N/cm
  • Aluminium (initial) - 8.0 N/cm    Aluminium (after 3 days) - 18.0 N/cm
  • Glass (initial)    15.0 N/cm    Glass (after 3 days)    20.0 N/cm




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