ACXPlus 705

ACXPlus 705 transparent

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Tesa ACXplus 705 is a transparent acrylic core tape available in three thicknesses
ACXPlus 705 transparent
ACXPlus 705 transparent
Product Details

Tesa ACXplus 705  is a transparent acrylic core tape available in three thicknesses. It consists of a high-performance acrylic system and is primarily characterised by its Bonding Power, Stress Dissipation and its Temperature and Weather Resistance.

Due to the high transparency ACXPlus 705 is especially suitable for constructive bonding of transparent and translucent materials such as glass or acrylic.

The visco-elastic, solid acrylic core compensates different thermal elongation of bonded parts.

Typical  applications include:

  • Bonding of transparent and translucent materials including glass and perspex
  • Sign Manufacturing
  • Deco Glass Panels
  • Partition Walls

Technical Data

  • Backing material    solid acrylic
  • Type of adhesive    pure acrylic
  • Color    transparent
  • Elongation at break    1000 %        

Adhesion to:

  • Steel (initial)    11.0 N/cm    ▪    Steel (after 3 days)    19.0 N/cm
  • Aluminium (initial)    9.0 N/cm    ▪    Aluminium (after 3 days)    19.0 N/cm
  • Glass (initial)    11.0 N/cm    ▪    Glass (after 3 days)    17.0 N/cm
  • PMMA (initial)    9.0 N/cm    ▪    PMMA (after 3 days)    12.0 N/cm





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