Express Thread

Express Thread Studs FHX

New PEM Flush-Head Studs With X-Press Threads Uniquely Designed For Quick Mating With Plastic Fasteners
Express Thread  Studs FHX
Express Thread Studs FHX
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New PEM self-clinching flush-head studs integrating unique X-Press threads enable quick mating with push-on plastic nuts, wire tie products, or other plastic fasteners in thin metal assemblies. Their coarse thread design  larger threads relative to the stud's diameter  reduces assembly time by allowing for easy mating of plastic parts and promotes especially high retention force of the stud upon installation. The thread design additionally accommodates paints and coatings without compromising fastener performance in service. 
These PEM X-Press studs (Type FHX) install permanently in metal sheets as thin as 1mm. They press easily into place using any standard press. Upon installation, the head of the stud mounts flush in the metal sheet for a clean and more attractive finished appearance compared with alternative methods such as welding.
The studs are manufactured from hardened carbon steel and finished with zinc plus clear chromate as standard or a rust-preventive oil finish as an option. They are available with 5mm and 6mm metric threads and in lengths from 10mm to 25mm. The studs perform reliably in metal sheets with hardness of HRB 80 or less on the Rockwell "B"scale and HB 150 or less on the Brinell scale.

Features and Benefits

Offers fast, reliable attachment.
Reduces assembly time.
Allows for lighter assembly.
Self-clinching stud mounts flush in metal sheets as thin as 1mm.
Thread design accommodates paints and coatings without compromising performance.
Self-clinching technology is cleaner and has a more attractive finished appearance than welding.
Can be installed during the stamping process with PEMSERTER in-die technology.


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