Small Countersunk

Small Countersunk Head, Knurled Body - TS/KN-BCT

Low profile head, knurled round body BCT rivet nut. Available in steel, aluminium or brass. M5-M10 sizes. Suitable for material up to 14.0 millimetres thick.
Small Countersunk Head, Knurled Body - TS/KN-BCT
Small Countersunk Head, Knurled Body - TS/KN-BCT
Product Details
  • Steel, Aluminium and Brass
  • Round Body - Splined for increased torque resistance in soft materials
  • Small Countersunk Head - no need to countersink hole
  • M5 to M10 threads - other sizes to order
  • Grip up to 14 millimetres 
Low profile BCT inserts are used where a close fit is required between mating panels. The knurled body can assist in improving resistance to turning.



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