SH Self Clinching

SH Self Clinching Nuts for Hard Materials

Self Clinching Nuts for installation into very hard thin steel alloys.
SH Self Clinching Nuts for Hard Materials
SH Self Clinching Nuts for Hard Materials
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New steel alloys are being developed all the time. Whilst these are primarily used in the motor industry at the moment the attraction of thinner and harder steel is attractive to many manufacturers and the SH range of inserts has been created to ensure that self clinching nuts are readily available to all users. SH nuts are currently available in M6, M8, M10 and can be installed into panels as thin as 1.4mm.

  •  Installs into thin, harder, high strength steel materials (high strength steel sheets at 975MPA maximum ultimate tensile)
  • Allows overall weight reduction for all applications
  •  Provides lower installed cost than other assembly methods
  • Supplied unplated. Threads may be oversized sized as permitted by thread standards to accept a minimum plating thickness of .0051 mm




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