Low Displacement

Low Displacement Head Studs FHL, FHLS

Installs closer to the edge of a sheet than standard studs without causing that edge to bulge. Flush-head for sheets thickness .040"/1mm and greater.
Low Displacement Head Studs  FHL, FHLS
Low Displacement Head Studs FHL, FHLS
Product Details


PEM® FHL self-clinching flush-head studs from feature a unique low-displacement head design enabling close-to-edge installation of the fasteners in thin metal sheets.  The studs provide ideal attachment solutions compared with weld studs and other conventional hardware by promoting easier and cleaner installation with fewer production steps and more reliable performance in service.  Since the studs install permanently, they will never loosen or fall out over time. 
With their close-to-edge installation capabilities, the studs especially suit applications where the footprint for attachment hardware is limited.  Their low-displacement head design prevents any bulging of the edge of the sheet where the studs are mounted.  With the head installed flush in the sheet, the studs will not protrude or otherwise interfere with assemblies. 
The studs are manufactured from steel (FHL) or stainless steel (FHLS) and will mount successfully in steel or aluminum sheets with thickness of .040” / 1mm and greater.  Thread sizes to accept mating nuts range from 2-56 / M2.5 through 10-32 / M5.  A variety of lengths can be supplied.




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