78200 Mini MBS MKII

78200 Mini MBS MKII

78200 Mini MBS MKII
78200 Mini MBS MKII
SKU: 78200
The Mini MBS is a flexible twin head installation tool with variable pitch placing heads for the fast installation of Speed fasteners either one or two at a time.
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Product Details


The Avdel Mini-MBS is a twin-head stand alone assembly station with a compact
design making it very easy to integrate into existing assembly lines, and requires only standard compressed air supply for operation.

The Mini MBS can install the complete range of Avdel Speed Fasteners from 1.6 to 6.4 millimetres in diameter using one or both placing heads as required. The two heads can easily adjust to accommodate any hole pitches up to 120 millimetres apart and down to a minimum of either 29 or 17 millimetres depending on the specific model selected.

The air/hydraulic placing heads provide a smooth quiet installation and the foot-operated machine can be used either sat down or standing as required. The foot operation leaves both hands free to make component handling fast and straightforward. The adjustable integrated guard ensures that the tool is safe to use at all times.


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