74290 Hex Forming

74290 Hex Forming Tool

SKU: 74290
The hex forming tool is designed to allow a drilled or punched hole in suitable material to be broached into a hex form allowing for the use of hex bodied rivet nuts.
74290 Hex Forming Tool
74290 Hex Forming Tool
Product Details

It is frequently desirable to use a hex bodied rivet nut in preference to a round one, but this was previously only possible if the hole could be pre-punched as a hex - until now. This innovative tool makes it possible to convert a drilled or punched round hole to a hex in just a few seconds making the use of hex inserts possible for anybody with access to a compressed air system.


The 74290 has a working range of M4 to M10 and can be used to form hex holes in most commonly used sheet metals up to 4.5 millimetres thick depending on the hardness of the material being used. The tool has a fast cycle time of only 2.5 seconds and requires access from only one side.


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