Avdel 74200 Nutsert

Avdel 74200 Nutsert Air Tool

SKU: 74200
A fast ergonomically designed spin-pull tool, capable of placing threaded inserts quickly and uniformly. The Avdel 74200 is simple to use and powerful. Nose equipment is quick to change and the tool is capable of placing aluminium, steel and stainless steel inserts up to M12.
Avdel 74200 Nutsert Air Tool
Avdel 74200 Nutsert Air Tool
Product Details


A fast ergonomically designed tool, designed to place threaded inserts quickly and uniformly. Using a hydro pneumatic spin-pull system the  Avdel 74200 has an automatic action to spin the insert onto the mandrel. Once the insert is engaged, a single pull of the trigger places the insert and reverses the tool off. The total cycle time is no more than a couple of seconds.

Nose equipment is quick and simple to change and mandrels (the only consumable item) are cheap and easy to come by in an emergency. Capable of placing inserts from M3 to M12, the Avdel 74200 is easily adjusted for different applications without recourse to special tools.





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