07535 Pantograph

07535 Pantograph Workstation

SKU: 07535-00011
Based upon the successful 07530 tool, this workstation features an air suspension pantograph that keeps the tool held perpendicular to the bench whilst permitting a wide range of lateral and vertical movement.
07535 Pantograph Workstation
07535 Pantograph Workstation
Product Details

Based upon the 07530 tool, this workstation features a placing head held on an air-suspension pantograph. This allows the tool to move freely up/down and through 170 degrees of rotation. The tool is activated by a simple and convenient barrel mounted trigger. Suited to the rapid assembly of small components, the fixed arm can be adjusted to suit the operators requirements. . Simple to use, once loaded this tool will cycle up to 60 times per minute. Depending on the length of fastener, the tool will accept up to 70 at a time - giving extremely rapid riveting. Each tool is supplied complete with nose equipment, mandrels and follower assemblies.


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