NeoSpeed Rivets

New Speed Riveting concept from Avdel reduces assembly time and improves quality

Avdel Speed Fastening has been around for quite a few years now. Chobert, Briv and Rivscrew fasteners have been used successfully in a variety of testing applications; and the system has proved itself more than capable of reducing assembly time and the installed cost of riveting.

One limitation which the system has always had is that it did not cope well with holes which were oversized or out of tolerance or varying joint thicknesses. New NeoSpeed rivets now overcome those issues and comes with several additional benefits as well.

Avdel Neospeed
Benefit 1.

NeoSpeed  rivets benefit from a unique linear splined body design which allows the rivet to grip anywhere along the length of the body. This means that any combination of sheets can be joined and clamped tightly together so long as the rivet is long enough to protrude through to the other side of the joint satisfactorily. This means that the operator can safely join any combination of materials without having to worry about selecting the correct rivet for the job. In addition rivet inventory can be reduced by over 60%.

Avdel Neospeed
Benefit 2.

Neospeed rivets offer excellent hole fill which means that holes which are oversized, out of alignment or not even round (as can happen with drilled holes) can be accommodated reducing the possibility of rework or weak joints. NeoSpeed rivets are 3 times more tolerant to incorrectly sized holes than standard nail rivets.  As a result oversized holes can be used in the front sheets to reduce alignment issues without reducing joint integrity.

Rivet Gun
Benefit 3.

NeoSpeed is fast. Compared to normal blind riveting Speed Riveting will reduce assembly time by at least 30% and depending on the type of assembly we have seen reductions of 90%.  Time is the biggest cost to consider when assembling anything. Generally speaking a 10% reduction in assembly time is worth more than a 20% reduction in material costs. Speed Riveting is proven to be the fastest way of delivering blind rivets to the application in conjunction with a range of light and easy to use tools.

Avdel Neospeed
Benefit 4.

NeoSpeed is Strong. NeoSpeed offers better tensile and above average shear strength versus multi-grip breakstem competitor rivets. In tests NeoSpeed has also been proved to have superior resistance to vibration. This means that NeoSpeed rivets can be used in demanding applications with confidence knowing that not only are you reducing assembly time you are also using the best fastener for the job.


Rivet nails
Benefit 5.
No spent mandrels to clutter the floor or to dispose of. Using NeoSpeed is the ‘green’ alternative to break stem rivets. In addition the assembled weight of the rivet is about 50% less than a conventional rivet.
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If you would like more information on NeoSpeed rivets click here to go to the NeoSpeed page of our website where we have more product details, animations to show how the products work and technical details.

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