BBA Demonstration

BBA Demonstration Videos

These videos show just some of the benefits of BCT rivet nuts. BCT is a brand new development in rivet nut technology and is unique in both the way it is manufactured and the features it exhibits. Take a few moments to see for yourself the benefits BCT could bring to your production.


Multigrip capability. Just one size of BCT rivet nut can cope with a large variety of materials thicknesses. This can reduce your inventory and increase the range of materials you can work with. 
 BCT provides incredibly strong threads compared to all other rivet nuts. The method of manufacture ensures that the body of the rivet nuts clamps down tightly reducing the chance of the insert spinning - plus the threads are strong enough to shatter 12.9 grade bolts.
Once again demonstrating the strength of BCT this video shows how BCT can clamp two sheets of steel tightly together even when they are being held apart. 
BCT is very forgiving of poorly prepared or oversize holes. See here how BCT compares to a standard rivet nut in challenging situations.
Despite its amazing strength and performance BCT can be set into the most delicate materials. In addition to all metals BCT works well in all types of plastics, composites, wood products, GRP and many other materials. This means that you can install a strong metal thread into almost any material you like. BCT is also available to special order in A4 grade stainless steel making it ideal for marine, medial and petro chemical applications.

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