PEMSERTER Series 4 Press

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The PEMSERTER Series 4® press is designed to install self-clinching fasteners in size M2 / through M10 / 3/8" into steel, and sizes up to M12 / 1/2" into aluminum or plastics.
PEMSERTER Series 4 Press
PEMSERTER Series 4 Press
Product Details

The Series 4 press is able to place all PEM self clinch and broaching fasteners. Designed for ease of use, fast changeover and speed of production the Series 4 is an ideal choice for most manufacturing requirements. Now updated with a new integral stand/locking cabinet, laser pointer to speed up assembly on blind side applications and a counter to help keep an eye on production throughput the Series 4 has all of the features one could need.


The series 4 is the fastest press available today. This means that a batch of product put through a PEMSERTER will be completed long before the same batch on a competitor press even one boasting a continuous feed bowl and costing much more money. To speed things up even more the press can be mated up with a QX turret which allows four tool set ups to be mounted at the same time reducing changeover time to virtually zero.

If you would like to put a Series 4 to the test contact us to arrange a trial on your own premises with your own components and see for yourself how a Series 4 could improve your production efficiency.


  • Insertion force adjustable from 1.8 to 53.4 kN / 400 lbs. to 6 tons.
  • Pneumatic power for speed, consistency and simple operation. Requires standard compressed air only.
  • Integral point-of-operation safety.
  • Large parts tray.
  • Rapid tooling changeover, perfect for short production runs.
  • One-year parts warranty and two-year limited warranty on pneumatic components.
  • Integral stand and tool cupboard.

Optional anvil holders are also available to purchase for the Series 4 manual press which enable access to difficult to reach applications. Contact us for more details.

See the video below of a Series 4 press being used in conjunction with a manual QX Turret



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