PB2500® Pop Battery

PB2500® Pop Battery Rivet Tool

SKU: PB2500-QW
The POP-Avdel PB2500® is a high end battery tool designed for extended use. Suitable for installing rivets up to 4.8 millimetres in diameter in aluminium, steel and stainless steel.
PB2500® Pop Battery Rivet Tool
PB2500® Pop Battery Rivet Tool
Product Details
  •    Ergonomic and light weight
  •    Stroke 25mm
  •    Fast charging (40 minutes)
  •    Rivet holding mechanism - prevents rivet dropping out when tool is held vertically
  •    Tool free nose equipment change
  •    Spent mandrel automatically dropped into stem collector
  •    Quick change slide on Li-Ion battery
  •    Ideal for for production line or site work where compressed air is not available

The PB2500® battery rivet tool is supplied in a durable plastic carry case complete with battery, battery charger, nose tips and ejector tubes for 3.2, 4.0 and 4.8 diameter rivets. The powerful 2.0Ah battery allows up to 900 5.0 mm rivets to be installed on a single charge.
Capacity  aluminium, steel and stainless steel rivets up to 4.8mm diameter
Specifications include:
2.0Ah battery as standard (optional batteries available to purchase separately)  
Weight         1.69 kg         
Length         320mm     
Height         240mm         
Tool Stroke  25mm          



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