Genesis suspension

Genesis suspension kit - 71213-99910

SKU: 71213-99910
Suspension Kit with Remote Stem Collection for Genesis® Tools Allows suspension for vertical down operations and includes a remote stem collector unit.
Genesis suspension kit - 71213-99910
Genesis suspension kit - 71213-99910
Product Details
This tool comes with an adjustable suspension device which holds the tool vertically over the work bench whilst allowing it a free range of movement. A remote stem collection system improves productivity by carrying spent rivet stems away from the unit into a separate container.
  • For use with nG2, nG2, nG3, G3, nG4 and G4 tools
  • A complete kit to enable suspension of the above tools
  • Ergonomically position soft touch trigger for ease of use
  • Also equipped with a remote stem extraction kit
  • Simple to install and set up by following the simple instructions included
  • Removes weight from the operators to ease fatigue
  • Prevents loss of time picking up and putting the tool down
  • Remote stem extraction lowers downtime
  • Easy removal of waste stems
  • Stem collection up to 2.5 metres away from tool

Please note that the tool in all images is shown for illustration purposes and is not included with the suspension kit.



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