New Southco electronic access system provides an efficient, user-friendly key management solution

The compact iButton based system requires no software and allows users to easily set up, modify, add and delete access privileges with the touch of a button. The system comprises an iButton key, or electronic key fob, a probe/reader to transmit information and a controller that reads and validates the digital code. A user need only touch the electronic key to the reader to authenticate the key and receive access. With up to 15 users per controller, the electronic key can be programmed to operate as many locks as necessary. The solution provides stellar security with 280 trillion possible key codes. Additionally, the electronic key system lays the groundwork for audit trail capability and access monitoring.
The Southco electronic Key System can operate any Southco electromechanical lock and is especially well suited for applications that require the distribution
of multiple keys to individuals with varying access privileges across multiple access points - an arduous undertaking with mechanical keys. And because it is stainless steel and sealed, the waterproof iButton is suitable for outdoor and marine environments.


Key Product Features and Benefits

  • Simplified key management workable with the touch of a button
  • Minimal power consumption ideal for battery powered applications
  • User friendly with simple, software-free installation and audible feedback
  • Custom colors for design flexibility
  • Sealed, waterproof, stainless steel construction for durability
  • High security with trillions of possible key codes

Customization Options

  • Custom colors and logos; customer branded key fob

Typical Applications

  • Servers, kiosks and industrial enclosures
  • Biohazard containment
  • Lockers, tool/key storage
  • Marine entry and storage doors
  • Off-highway entry doors and cab storage
  • Post boxes
  • Datacenters
  • Gaming units


The Southco electronic key can be used in applications requiring simplified key management capabilities. Customers using multiple key codes, granting different access privileges or working with a large number of enclosures would be well served by the efficient, easily programmable iButton system. Sensitive applications requiring secure storage - such as biohazard containment or drug storage - would benefit from the electronic keys security features.
The durable construction of the system and its sleep mode feature also make it ideal for applications where harsh environments or power consumption are concerns. Compact and easy to use, the system provides streamlined key management to applications industry wide.

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